The country of Turkey produces a lot of olive oil from many different varieties, but Ayvalik is the most widely grown. This medium-mild oil is very well made from early harvested fruit. It has a nice floral and fresh herbaceous aroma. The balance of mild bitterness, strong fruitiness, and sharp pungency is just perfect. It also has a good mix of ripe and green fruity flavors that gives it a lot of complexity and full-bodied mouth feel. The ripe flavors are both tropical and citrus. The green flavors are herbs, grass, artichoke, green apple, mint, cinnamon, and black pepper


Mild Intensity

Crush Date: October 2019

*Polyphenols:  384 ppm        *FFA: 0.2

*Oleic Acid:  67                 *Peroxide: 2.6

*DAGs:  95.6                        *PPP: <1%

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness: 7   Bitterness: 3.5   Pungency: 6.5 

As measured at the time of crush. Country of origin:  Turkey

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