Using vegetal extracts, our sweet butter infused olive oil is a confectionary dream with caramel
top notes and a rich creamy butter centerpoint that is the perfect addition to pastry, popcorn,
pasta and baking. Our vegan and vegetarian customers have come to love this product as a
welcome addition to their pantry. Try drizzling over popcorn or using as a replacement for butter
in your favorite baking recipes.
Vinegar Pairings: ​Honey Ginger, Honey Pepper, Coconut, Balsamico Bianco
Food Pairings: ​ Vegan Cuisine, Grilled Vegetables, Popcorn, Baking
● Combine with Maple balsamic as a marinade to grill poultry
● Use in place of butter at brunch
● Drizzle before roasting cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes and asparagus
● Brush on bread for a grilled cheese sandwich