Our best selling infused olive oil, Tuscan Herb infused EVOO is a favorite amongst chefs, staff
and customers alike. We consider this oil the most true to herb flavor one can find due to its
natural herb oils and extracts along with a hint of fresh garlic to create an inspired product of the
highest culinary standard. Top notes of dried basil, marjoram, garlic, oregano, thyme, rosemary,
and crushed red pepper, create a flavor explosion that is both balanced and harmonious. Use
on pizza, focaccia, salads, for bread dipping or your favorite pasta sauce recipe. The highest
quality Tuscan Herb infused EVOO on the market.
Vinegar Pairings: ​Traditional 18 Year, Sicilian Lemon, Oregano, Honey Pepper, Piedmont
Honey, Wine Vinegars, Rose, All Fruit Vinegars, Italian Fig.
Complements: ​Finishing ​Pasta & Chicken, Bread Dipping, Marinades and Sauces, Tomatoes,
Grilled or Roasted Vegetables
● Great for sautéing, roasting or grilling vegetables or any type of meat
● Drizzle on pasta with prosciutto and caramelized red onions
● Use to finish homemade pizza and crostinis
● Combine with 18 Year Style or Sicilian Lemon balsamic for a sweet dressing
● Mix with 18 Year Style balsamic and grated cheese for bread dipping