Imagine delicate, round and savory porcini mushrooms touched with a dash of fresh picked
sage. This olive oil begins with a soft and delicate porcini in mouthfeel that is perfectly
complemented by fresh sage. Try on gnocchi, pasta, risotto, Gruyere and mushroom omelette
or to finish your favorite braised meats. We recommend this oil to finish proteins or as a base in
any savory soups.
Vinegar Pairings: ​Traditional 18 Year, Pinot Grigio, Balsamico Bianco, Meyer Lemon,
Complements: ​ Pasta, Sauteed Mushrooms, Pizza, Crostini, Soft and Fresh Cheese, Pork,
Butternut Squash,
● Drizzle over noodles and smoked Gouda cheese
● Use to cook scrambled eggs and frittatas
● Before cooking, sauté dry rice until translucent
● Use in place of butter for mashed or sweet potatoes
● Combine with Red Apple to inject into and baste poultry