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Family Reseve Picual


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The aroma of this oil has that wonderful herbaciousness of green Picual. It is a medium-robust oil that is nicely balanced with intensive fruitiness medium bitterness, and medium pungency. It is complex with some light, but surprising ripe tropical fruit flavors along with some nuttiness and butteriness, which gives it a rounded mouth feel. This oil also has what is expected in a green Picual, which is the typical herbaceous spiciness along with a long list of green leafy undertones of artichoke, green apple, green banana, green tea, mint, nettle, and tomato leaf. It ends with a bit of woodiness and black pepper finish.


Medium Intensity

Crush Date:October2019

*Polyphenols: 270       *FFA: 0.10

*Oleic Acid: 76.6                 *Peroxide: 4.1

*DAGs: 98.9                             *PPP: <1

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness: 6 Bitterness:4 Pungency: 5

*As measured at the time of crush. Country of origin: Spain

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